Monday, March 31, 2014

Interesting :)

In the US, when driving on many of our roads or highways, there is usually something to look at, whether it is a bunch of business-- retail or office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, even houses.... Sometimes there is vacant land for what seems like hundreds of miles--literally just farming, desert, grass fields with animals grazing, trees, what else can you think of on nothing??  LOL.  But in the US, we often have a variety of what some may call ART.  In Amarillo, Texas; there is a strange place called Cadillac Ranch where you can pull over on the side of the road and in the distance maybe several hundred feet off you see this:
10 real Cadillac's buried nose first in some vacant land.  Created in 1974 on a different field and relocated.  It is a variety of different years.  You many walk up to the cars, take your picture next to them; but it is now customary to mark your visit with spray paint, you may sometimes see the cars covered in solid pink, or white.  Just kind of fun!  (photo borrowed from I have been there but cant find my own pics as of this minute!) 
While in Florida I spotted something similar on the side of the road near Tampa. These Airstream trailers also buried nose first in a field on the side of the road.  You may not pull over and spray paint on these (private property) but it also resembles a variety of sizes, years and styles.
I cut the small Bambi off on the left side, but you can see it in the top pic, also, pretty good while riding in a car going 70+ mph right?!!  I think its pretty cool, that we have these crazy things on the sides of our roads.   Gives us something to talk about to our friends all over the world right?  Has anyone seen either of these 2 things?
What is the strangest/interesting thing you have seen on the side of the road?  I can think of sooo many different things!!!

On the stitching front, I have filled in the church on SDW German Band sampler!  On Jane Tindall, I spent forever filling in the grass located on the bottom of that sampler and I knew I didnt look forward to filling in the church on SDW but it has to get done.  Unfortunately I knew I had kicked all of my stitching elves out of my house so it was not going to get done without me :(.
I am soo close to being halfway with this piece it is very exciting!  It should start flying now that the solid filling in is complete :)))  YEAH!!!!!  LOL.  I cant wait to start stitching again later tonight. 
A while back I had a birthday and I wanted to share a very special gift I received from my good friend :)  She did such an amazing job that I had to share it with all of you!
Tiny little pin cushion with a patchwork back on 40ct. You can see how sweet it is next to my scissors, soo stinkin cute!!!!!  Thank you so much, it means the world to me having this from you :)  I love it!!
Still a bit chilly, but I think we are in for some spring like weather, alot of rain has been coming, but its better then snow right??!!!!!  Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic week!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Fun was had by all!

A great time was had last week while visiting my good friend.  We accomplished alot of fun little projects, stitched, laughed, watched old movies, and even finished her quilt!  The men were having a great time doing all kinds of manly things, fishing, gardening, going to the home improvement store, and lots of other fun things.
We made this quilt top last fall, had it quilted over the Holidays, and this week, the binding was complete.  Do you love it?!!! She did a fabulous job and I am so excited to see this beauty in her house!!
Even this fellow loves it!!!!!!!! 
I had this furry friend sitting next to me all week on the couch while stitching and sewing.  Just likes lounging next to you, keeps you warm :)
I purchased a piece of 52/60 Lakeside linen in Vintage Sand Dune over at the Attic a few weeks back and started the new Traveling Stitcher Ane Kirstine Larsen-- you know the one with the fabulous rooster???  Boy, I have never used the tudor silks or this count linen, but I tell you what, it is fabulous!!!  I am hooked!!!!  LOL
Not much to show, but its something, the border color is almost tone on tone, but in certain lights, it really pops.  The letter M is so tiny!!   I think the entire sampler is going to be something like 6 x 8".  Can you just imagine?!!!!!  It is sooo stinkin cute!!  The Attic had a few models hanging on the wall in this 52/60 and I am so crazy (you can take that statement either way!!  LOL)  about how small they really are!!!  I know for the few of you that have been working on this linen, you know exactly what I mean!!!
Now stitching on 45ct, its almost burlap!!!!  LOL.  Not quite like the 40ct, but its a really big difference.  Even the feel of the linen is different.  I really want to get SDW complete, which is a good thing, it has been long enough!

So the bottom pic is where I left off last night, and I can feel the final stretch of the church approaching this week.  I want to get to those trees!!! LOL.  Its something how this project is now all I want to focus on, its about time.
Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful week :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patricks Day!

What a fun day it is today right?  Fun is when the Chicago river is green, beer is green, there are parades and a great reason to where a shade of green when you normally dont!!  LOL.
Happy Birthday to my friend, you know who you are!!!  Sorry the cookies werent what they were supposed to be, but looks arent everything! Taste is!! 
I missed posting last week for just the simple fact that I really ran out of time.  I didnt stitch at all on SDW sampler last week, I worked on a couple other things, but now I am back in full swing.
and finally a full length of what it looks like so far, almost at the halfway mark. 
I even got the iron out for a nice presentation, after all, you cant really see much in a wrinkled mess :(  I really love it, and I cant wait to get the church complete, so I can work on those trees!! 
Enjoy Green today!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

A bit more

Anyone watch the Oscars last night?  I watched the last 3 hours worth and I am always excited to see everyone all dressed up.  Who was your favorite?  We don't go and watch movies in the theaters so I didnt really know much about them. The actors up for the Oscars are always popular names and you secretly wish for a specific individual to win. I still think Marty should win and Leo.  I was glad to see Matthew win for best actor. And Cate Blanchett!  Beautiful as always.  I think Ellen did a great job hosting, pretty funny and that pizza stint was pretty good right?!  Talk about audience participation!!
Each night over the last week I was able to find some me time, whether it was a few hours or just 1, I stitched on SDW.  Can you believe it?!  I am committed to finishing this next and I am surprisingly really enjoying it too!
I was hoping to finish the motif on the right side but almost there!  Those little curly ques involved sure slow down my 'sewing' method of stitching.  But, they will be soon a thing of the past :)
I look forward to another busy week-- (on so many levels!) 
Sun is shining today, hopefully it is where you live, I know its been super cold-- great time to stitch under a nice warm quilt, along with a roaring fire!!!!!  Have a good one :)