Sunday, January 26, 2014

Enjoying life

It has sure been a while since my last post, but believe me, fun all around is being had.  Not too much in the craft department, I wanted to make 5 quilts this January...... I made only 3 plus helped my niece make one.  I still have time to start one, but dont think I am going to get around to 2 more :)  No worries though, I did get back the 2 quilts I had quilted.
The Christmas one, the binding is finished and I am very pleased.  My first standard size quilt complete.
I am now working on the binding of the flannel one.  I now know why there are a bunch of quilters with a boatload of quilt-tops waiting.  The quilting was very in-expensive for this quilt just a basic vine/swirl etc., and it is like a bargain compared to getting a cross stitch framed.  Now, I know the quilting can get quite expensive, but I find its worth it, just like a purchase of a frame for my stitching. 
I digress though, the binding is an easy task, just an eternal one.  I am looking forward to finishing it and getting my stitching back out.
My niece's quilt turned out great, and she did most of the sewing, I helped her with the pinning, just to move it along, and the cutting.  She doesnt have the strength just yet to hold it all still and get a straight line with the rotary cutter.   She did an excellent job and I know she is pleased.  She was excited sewing with my featherweight, she couldnt wait to tell her sewing teacher at school she made a quilt, on a machine older then her teacher :)  LOL.
Her quilt too is now back from the quilter and I will help her with the binding in a few weeks.  As she goes into high school next year, she is excited to transform her room into a new place.  Going with her to the quilt shop was such fun!  I talked with her about colors on the way over, and turns out, she likes the vintage feel too.  Seeing the expression on her face the minute we walked in the place, I knew she was going to have a great time choosing all the colors for her very first quilt.  She went to town, pulling bolts onto the bed and making selections.  I am very proud of her :))))
This next quilt, is my 3rd one I mentioned and this I have dubbed the camo quilt.  Why you ask?  It all started out with my choosing 2 digital camo patterns- one in green and the other in tan.  This is what happened :)  Sooooooo many little cuts and pieces, this by far is the most involved quilt I have made.  (Easy pattern for you experts!)  I am looking for the perfect backing, so I am not sure when I will have this one quilted, and I am thinking about something a little more involved on this top, so stay tuned!
On the stitching front, I have continued to work on Jane Tindall, and she is coming along wonderfully.
Slow and steady wins the race right?  In between the solid stitching on the bottom, and the binding on the quilt, I dont know what is slower...... But I am enjoying each and every bit of it so it doenst matter.
Last year you remember I had the biggest case of Stitch-A** stitching Dutch Beauty and this year we have been doing all kinds of activities.  Skiing, relaxing, etc., etc.  Just having a great time.  No complaints that is for sure :)))
So until next time....enjoy your week!