Monday, January 7, 2013

Its getting serious

The last few days have been unbelievable.  Ever since I posted last week Wednesday about DB and my goal, I was overwhelmed with encouragement on my DB goal and I am sooo appreciative of this!!  This is why I love this hobby-- everyone jumps on board and is excited for you.  I can hear the chanting!!!  GO! Go! Go! LOL.   Well, I have a severe case of stitch-a** as our friend Siobhan says :)  It is strange, I haven't had a case of this in forever!!!
This is where I was when I started stitching on Friday night sometime and when I finished early Saturday morning, I was here.

Wowza.  I am pumped up!!!!  Lets get er done!!!!  LOL.
This pic was taken around 2:30am this morning.  I wasn't going to bed until the final motif was stitched on the 2nd row.  I am glad I fought on!!
I am more than thrilled.  Today I would love to stitch more, but I have do actually do some chores and perhaps a bit of work.  It has piled up and that drives me crazy.  However, tonight is a separate issue!!!!  Back to the grind!!!!  LOL.

Thanks again for the encouragement.  Without it, I might not be this far!!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!

It is something we all have to get used to now while writing out the date-- 2013.  Oops, even as I type this I put 2012.
It was a nice quiet night bringing in the new year, movies and stitching went off without a hitch, however, I did get delayed in my stitching that night--what else is new?  I get caught up so easily in reading others blogs.  Only about 3 hours instead of 5-6.  What are you doing to do??!!
I did start a new project-- like I need one, I already have about 20+?  But, it is tradition to start one at least in January.  I do not plan like years past to start a gazillion, I do have a resolution to get as many WIPs completed as possible.  There are a few other resolutions I made, but most I believe will be pretty easy.  Nothing ridiculous like I am going to win the lottery, however, if I do win it, great :)  LOL.  Continuing to eat healthy, be kind to others, have more patience, you know, pretty easy basics.  The big one, is to finish WIPs.  I might fall of that wagon!!!!
I started yesterday Little House Needleworks- Old Nantucket on 45ct Vintage Meadow Rue, and because I can never leave well enough alone, converted it to silks and also made a few color adjustments- of course I did, and love making it my own personal sampler.  The design is fantastic and it was all the rage this summer.  One of my friends promptly converted hers to silk and powered it out-- and it is stunning.  Eager to get this one finished and framed.  It is a winner.  I was able to work on it a bit longer then I had expected, but had to make a color adjustment in the middle, so I ripped out a few things.  Tonight, movie night at my in-laws so I will bring it along and see what happens!
I have some more progress to share on DB for you to see
Not exactly as far as I wanted to be, but more then just a few stitches.  Back to this one tomorrow night.

Hope all of you had a lovely Holiday, and I look forward to all the new starts going on all over the world!!!!

Happy New Year to all :)