Monday, October 22, 2012

Clara Thorn and Progress

Hello everyone :)  What a great Monday it is!!  So many exciting things going on today.
First I wanted to share with you my finish of Clara Thorn by Pineberry Lane. 
 Stitched on 40ct Purely Primitive Linen (by ????) and a silk conversion.  I am crazy about the eagle and and looking forward to stitching some more patriotic pieces very soon.  I did get a few new ones including Clara this summer.  Easy little stitch to add to the old framing pile!
I have made some great progress on my Dutch Beauty-- and I am very eager to get it done already.  I know, I keep saying that and I start something new.  However, I am ever so tired of the pile of silk that has moved from the back of the couch to a heap it seams on the project bag.  With Clara out of the way, it is number one on the list.  I cant promise though :)
I am loving the pinks chosen for the flowers- especially the tulip.  Using over-dyed silks really makes it look 3 dimensional.  I want to concentrate on these WIPs I have going and make this pile of stash a bit smaller.  I need a detox!!!!  LOL.

Thanks for all the super comments on my last quilt-- and the suggestions for clear thread.  I have this top folded up in the pile to be quilted-- similar to the framing pile :)  and someday will get them finished.  I like the variety of quilting verses stitching-- I like them both equally.  They both give you great sense of accomplishment when finished, and keep your hands and mind busy.   Although I feel like stitching takes less brain?  LOL, I dont know, I can watch tv easy and just listen while stitching, however while quilting I feel like I have to focus more, perhaps so I dont run my finger over??!!!  LOL.

Non the less.  Back to it!!!