Monday, October 31, 2011

It is the 31st of October

I guess when I was younger, and was more active in dressing up for Halloween, going to crazy parties and having a super time, it would be more of a surprise that today is Halloween.   But, last night-- we called it goosy night, others mischief night-- you know the random toilet papering of trees, forking of the neighbors lawn--- went by without a 2nd thought.  Today, seeing the kids dressed up, I thought-- oh yes, it is Halloween.  Oh yes, and even dogs get dressed up :)
I wonder though, what is your favorite candy to eat or hand out to the trick-or-treaters??  Mine is snickers or butterfinger.  There are so many options though.......Chocolate..... period. :)

While for most of us, today is just another working day, another checkoff on the calender towards the next exciting Holiday.  Thanksgiving.  Yes, Thanksgiving.  Love a home cooked meal, fellowship with family and friends.   I cant believe that it is a little over 3 weeks away already!!!!!  I was at the mall about 2 weeks ago, and to my great surprise, holy smokes--------- the Christmas crap was already hung as decorations in the stores.  Now, dont read 'crap' as a negative thing--- believe me, I love Christmas like the next guy, (and yes, Merry Christmas is in my vocabulary).  I know that plans for the Holidays need to be underway- for the extensive parties we all love throwing and going to, preparing the food and choosing the perfect outfits.  All of us crafters have been thinking about Christmas at least since the summer, but stitching or sewing things takes time right?  I know that the stores have to put up the inventory to sell, BUT the STORE decorations are up earlier and earlier.  I would love to see a beautiful display of fall items, lets have one Holiday at a time.  I have worked retail for many many years, and know that these things are to get customers in the 'mood'  but for me,  not so much.  It is what it is.

Anyway.........I know that all the folks that got snow this past weekend are in the mood alright!!!!  My parents got around 12 inches and what a site to see.  He sent me a few pics, I thought I would share one with you.

I visited with some very lovely ladies this weekend, at a Halloween stitching party and I was thrilled to be there.  Such fun, seeing them dressed up, and seeing the different Halloween projects they were stitching at.  Alot of laughing goes on at these events, and I love it when my cheeks hurt!!  I didnt get any stitching done, however, I never do at these events, I always rip out when I go home....and you know that is no fun at all!

I have been stitching, with work still busy, I make myself stitch at least a bit every night.  This has helped me keep sane.  Double Dee is coming along great, I have the top half done and started the bottom half.

The linen is 45ct vintage meadow rue and it burns me that the color is SOO off in these pics.  However, most of you know what meadow rue looks like.  The colors are bright and I am loving her.  I have worked a small bit on Quaker Study,

I have been watching All in the Family while stitching Double Dee, and I just cant even.  Archie Bunker kills me!  Soo funny.  I look forward to watching a few more episodes tonight while stitching some more.  Enjoy the rest of your Halloween :)  Trick or Treat!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Its flying by

Where have I been you ask?  Daily I am sure that you look at your favorite blogs, to see no new posts.  Geez.....isnt that such a pest?!  What are our blogger friends up to?  Where have they been??  Well, I am one of them, and one of you :)  LOL.  I always wonder what folks are up too, but I know that it is always something else, other then stitching that comes in the way---- isnt that terrible?  Stitching should always be a priority right?!!  Oh sure, in a perfect world.  Too, in that world, we would get ALL the projects in our stash complete :)

So, what has been up with me?  In case you were dying to know........ work has me super busy, (which is GREAT) I have had little time for stitching.  I have made minor progress on 2 WIPS, but mostly work and oh yes, gallivanting.

In the last 2 weeks, I was in San Francisco, and WOW, is all I can say for the weather.  I have been there so many times when the weather was cool, damp, misting or overcast.  I know that the marine layer rolling in is truly fascinating and something to see, to watch roll in over the bay, and cover the golden gate bridge......but this time, I didnt see much of it.  October right?  If it was only like this all the time.  Went to a 49'ers game, watched them kick some serious Tampa Bucs butt!!!!!  48 to 3.  Nice job 9ers.  The new coach is really something.  Glad to see them making a comeback.

Edgar a while back reminded me of Alamo Square, where some of the most famous of Victorian homes are. I knew that I had wanted to see them for the longest time-- remember on the tv show Full House?  The opening credits always showed these 'painted ladies' and they are really something!!!
There were alot of folks enjoying the park that day, picnics, naps, running around.  Sooo clear right?!!!!
My favorite was on the opposite end of the park, 
So exquisite.  Built in 1890, and still standing beautifully.  The entire row of houses surrounding this park are so gorgeous, one is nicer then the next.  Alot of them are being restored, which is fabulous, you know they dont build them like this anymore :)

We drove around alot, next time I would like to do the famous '49 mile' driving tour, I have to read up more on it, but instead of walking (which I dont know how many blocks of these steep hills I would last in heels) would be fabulous.  You can see so much more this way too.  I love looking at all the houses.  One is more incredible than the next.  You almost get whip lash!!!!!!  Soo amazing.

One of the last stops before changing for dinner, was the Palace of Fine Arts.
Outstanding, breathtaking views, and the best part is, that some lucky (and I mean lucky) folks live right behind where I am standing taking this pic, and they look at THIS everyday!!!!!!  Can you even?! You can walk around the entire area, there were birds, fish and even turtles in this park.  I counted 11 turtles sunning themselves, not even skiddish!!!!  They must be used to being on display here!  

We went to Harris' Restaurant for dinner, famous for steaks, prime rib, etc., etc., and I love a good surf and turf.  I dont have it too often, but if you are going to do it, do it all the way or dont bother right?

Ordering the filet and fresh maine lobster, I had no idea what I was in for........

HELLO LOBSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You can hardly find the filet!!!!!!  LOL.  I couldnt believe my eyes!!!!!!!!  This beauty was 2 1/4 pounds of delicacy.  WOW is all I could say, I was laughing and shocked all at the same time.  I had to take a picture.  The sad part is, this big guy doesnt really have that much goodness to offer---- but I will say it was well worth it!!!!!

On the stitching front, not to much like I said earlier, however, I do have a progress pic of Quaker Study by Carriage House, which I dont believe I have posted at all yet.   
Almost halfway, but I havent touched this in so long, seems like months, when it has only been like 10 days.  Such a whirlwind these last 2-3 weeks have been.  Double Dee is coming along, and I mean she is, but slow and steady!!!!
I finished the top rows of name and alphabets, which I completely forgot about, I was too excited about all the dogs and deer I was stitching!  But maybe next week, I will have a few more stabs at her :)

Thanks for all your patience in waiting for the next posting on my blog, and then again for reading all the yada yada yada in my rambling.  I had a great time, and cant wait to go back again soon :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Check this out

 I have always enjoyed documenting and organizing things.  So this summer, when a friend of mine told me about how to print your blog, I was intrigued.  Why not have a hard copy of my blog, I love this!  Last month I remembered the conversation and went about ordering a copy of my blog in a book format. 
When it arrived in the mail a few weeks later, I tell you, that I can not be more pleased.  The book is perfect.  You choose the cover, choose the front and back cover pics, you can choose wording.  Other then that, your book is already ready to go.  I did choose to include the comments from all of you in the book, and it is so exciting to re-read them all.   I love seeing the progress pics, finished pics and remembering the times where I was when stitching those pieces. 

The book is of standard 8 1/2" x 11" and I chose the hard cover variety.  You can have a soft cover, or even in black and white, for a little less.  I am not known to skimp on things, and this was no exception!!!!!
Any of you thinking of doing this, it is well worth it.  This book is a great keepsake for my stitching room along with all of my needlework books.  I chose to have each year printed separately, so the first book shown is 2009.  Also exciting, it was the first year of my blog and amazing how it has progressed.  The background is not shown, and the followers or links on the side.....etc., etc., but that is ok.  I am so pleased that I just finished ordering my blog book for 2010.  I cant wait to see that one in a few weeks.  Each book will vary in pages because of the amount of posts you have, and also the comments.  If you choose not to have your comments published, then the book will be longer.  If you are going to do it, go all the way, or dont go at all :)  Visit to order your book, it is sooo easy.....(even us stitchers can do it!  LOL)

If anyone has done this book, Id love to know what you think of it also.  I look forward to many more years of documenting my stitching.  It is a must have for everyone!!!!

And a last note-- wowza, I am so thrilled with all of the great comments that I have received on on American Beauty!  She was a great fun piece, and I am so excited all of you enjoyed seeing her as well.

Have a great week-- more progress pics coming up soon:)