Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It is so peaceful

A few weeks back, a few of my friends and I went to a local cemetery to look at the tombstones.  We went around 7pm, which was a perfect time to go just as the sun was slowly going down.  Ordinarily, this may sound very strange to folks, about walking around a cemetery, just to look at headstones, but our fascination with subject has gotten the better of alot of us.
The interesting thing about being there, amongst tall old trees, hundreds of headstones is that it was so quiet.  There wasnt a sound but rustling trees above us.  There was about 4 others with us in this quiet place, you couldnt hear them though.
This cemetery was an older one, not as old as it could have been, but old enough to house war generals.  The variety of tombstones was beyond what I had expected to see-- and I think my friends were surprised as well.  I had a general idea of what to expect-- but being my first time 'not at a funeral' my eyes had been opened.
This headstone was one of the most bizarre ones I have ever seen.  I am sure there is a variety under the sun-- when making the selection for your loved ones marker for his or her final resting place.  There were headstones with actual pictures of the loved ones image.  A tiny bit creepy (no offense to anyone) but what we were looking for was more along the lines of these:

This headstone was the only one that I saw with a 3-d angel on it.   
This one has a tiny lamb on the top, looking over a small child.

There were more children then I had expected, mostly short lived-- a week old.  Others were children from 1 family-- perhaps from the plague.  What was more disturbing is the destruction of some of the headstones-- I cant believe that people can be so disrespectful to the deceased.  What a shame, can they rest in peace?  I am sure that this happens more often, but not opening my eyes until this night on this was quite the awakening. 

As the sun was setting, we walked over to one corner and I saw a black cat headed my way.  Interesting right?  If I want to read into it I can, but I know he was coming from the neighboring yard and he came right over.

My friends spotted a tombstone that I believe was the most interesting of the night.  They were excited to switch places with me looking at the cat, to looking at this

Can you believe this?  You wonder how close to this carved stone does this couple really look like?
"Here we lie by consent after 57 years, 2 months and 2 days"

I have some shots that I have not posted, but up close of their eyes.  Looking at those pics long enough, those folks are looking right back at you, and they are at peace.  I know these pics may be too much for some, but those are way too much, and this is a friendly blog :)

Not knowing what the evening was going to hold, I would say it was a success.  I am interested in going to another cemetery again soon, and look at the stones, wondering about these people.  What did they do in their lives, how many children did they have, where is the rest of their families, was anyone a stitcher, if so where is their handwork?  If you ever have the chance to visit a cemetery, outside of a funeral, it is not weird, it is very calming, very peaceful and I highly recommend it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

They're Baaack!

Super exciting---- yesterday I picked up my framed beauties!!!!  A few weeks back I decided to have 3 of my Quaker pieces done.  I chose simple frames for all three, yet each one complements each piece just beautifully and I am THRILLED with them (as usual!!)  So first up is Mary Wigham.

She was stitched on 40ct Pearled Barley Lakeside Linen with a variety of NPI silks-- close to the original colors, but different :)  I started and finished Mary in 2009.

Beatrix Potter is next stitched on 40ct Vintage Porcelain Lakeside Linen with Coffee Bean Gloriana with a hint of Quartz Belle Soie. (I started and finished her in 2009 as well). Since the fabric was so pale, a suggestion was made to use a darker liner and the color pops and the hint of quartz is exquisite. I can't be more pleased.

Last but not least, is Moulin Rouge by Long Dog Samplers.  CAN YOU EVEN????  This beauty is by far the largest piece I have ever had framed, and I will tell you now, it will be the last-- finished frame size is almost 30" x 30"!!!!!!!!!  Unbelievable right?  Stitched this gal on 35ct R & R Linen-- I forget the name along with a combo of WDW threads.  It is STUNNING.  Along with the classic look that I know I achieved with this piece, along with the frame, I am sooooo excited!! She was worth the wait-- started in 2007 and finished in 2009.

So a few things learned in this post are: that from now on-- the large pieces of course (and of course the small pieces) must be stitched on 40 or 45ct linen.  And, FYI on the blank spots on my samplers-- they are not really blank-- but names have been removed to protect the innocent :)

I look forward to hanging these gals up in the near future-- when I have the most perfect spot for them.  I did drop off a few more to be framed, so in a few more weeks, I will have more to share with all of you.  I wish all of you could see them in person!

Monday, July 11, 2011

So Much Fun (Picture Heavy)

Time is flying by.  I think this summer is going faster then last summer.  How can that be?  Too much fun I guess could be half the problem.  The other half is debatable-- there are so many options.  Last week was July 4th and I wanted to share some pics of the Rodeo my husband and I went to.  Neither one of us had been to one before, but I knew that it was going to be exciting. 

The rodeo lasts for 4 days, and we went on the last day.  It is also a carnival for the kids, and boardwalk games for both the big and small kids.  There is food and snacks, and all kinds of treats to be had.  There are vendors selling leather goods and cowboy hats-- which by the end of the night decided it would be great fun to have a pair of boots and a hat.  No, I didnt buy either-- I will need some help from my friends for that shopping trip :)  But, we arrived around 5:30pm and the show started at 7:30pm, so we had some time to walk around and look at the bulls, and do some people watching.  Wow, most everyone was dressed to the hilt in their western wear.  It was so cool to see! 

We stopped in and had a cool beverage, before the show.  Looks like it was a good idea!!!

So went into the arena around 7, to watch the Rodeo queens walk around the stadium in all their festive gear.  All 10,000 of us stood and sang the national anthem-- it was so cool to see everyone so excited to stand and pay tribute to our country-- especially on the 4th of July. 

The show began with a kick (lol) and we were off to 4 hours of great entertainment.  I was so amazed to see these bulls and broncos whip around and through off these cowboys, lasso calfs, etc. etc.  There was barrel races, pig races, it was all here. 

The night ended with a bang-- and it was soo worth it :)

The rest of the week was busy as usual, with more fun and friends and stitching.  I got some more stitched on Fruit of the Spirit- and it is really coming along nicely.

So many colors in this tiny little piece, I feel like I am changing colors more than stitching!  But, if I would discipline myself for 2 solid days, I could have it done already--  I get to busy carried away looking at all the other projects I want to stitch, or actually working, or playing Frisbee.  It will get done when it gets done right? Elizabeth Mears is really coming along nicely too-- the top zig-zag border is almost complete.  I didnt have one of the colors, and I started to panic-- as if I couldnt go on with out it.  But, my LNS had the color in stock and the rest is history.

This weekend was a great one as well, and I will have to tell you about it next time, for all of you still trying to download these pics in this post!!  I know the next one will be similar.  Let the summer weekends continue!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Its official

Happy July 1st!  How exciting this weekend is going to be.  The true kick off to summer.  You know what happens in summer time dont you?!  Same as what happens every summer.  Fun, friends, BBQ's, warm of the sun and of course new summer loves.  Summer loves for me are new project starts.  There have been a few kitted up already, but the one that was a must start, that I was teasing all of you earlier this week, is Elizabeth Mears from Queenstown Samplers.  I know that many of you have already been enjoying her beauty for some time, but better late then never. 

With an exquisite conversion to overdyed silks, I started Elizabeth on Vintage Pecan Butter 40ct.  What a great choice for her. 

The colors just sing on this piece and I have made some progress on Tuesday night when I started her.  I did take note yesterday that the colors chosen of course are so similar to many of my projects, I know she was meant to be started.  It is amazing the secret calls that plague you at night when these projects are dying to be come out into the light of day and be enjoyed for many many hours. 

Isnt she beautiful??!!!  The top shade of blue is the next shade for the zig-zag row and I can hardly wait to see it stitched.  When I started her a few nights back, I was desperate to get many colors in, but I also wanted to see the size of her, so I finished the top band after the 3rd color was placed in the bottom row.  I just love her :)

This weekend many of us are celebrating Independence Day with BBQ's, and Fireworks.  I assure you, there will also be great amounts of stitching going on.  I look forward to a long weekend, of fun and excitement, you never know what lies ahead of you.

Have a safe and happy weekend :)