Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

A lot of folks have asked what my Husband and I were going to do for Thanksgiving this year.  So many invites, it was hard to figure out how to be in so many places at once.  So many options of stuffing, deserts, name it, it was offered.  We opted to have a low key Thanksgiving this year, working so hard, it was super nice to relax in the warmth of the weather (85 degrees) and no complaints.  I took a pic of our turkey to share with all of you, and boy, let me tell was something else!!!!!!!!

Doesnt it look terrific?  My husband did the honors this year, and he is now hired :)   I know you are all looking very closely, and now have clicked on the pic to enlarge it..... what the world?!?!!??!!!

You are correct.  It is an inflatable Turkey!!!!!! Can you EVEN?!!!!!!! LOL. We had such a great time with this, we thought you would get a kick out of it too!!!!!!!!  We did have a great bird though, 13 pounder, with all the fixings, and yes, the pumpkin pie is coming, just making room for it.  Yes, and cool whip too!

I am thankful for so many things this year.  I have the Best Husband anyone could ask for, we are both healthy, both working hard, have a roof over our heads, have the best friends and family anyone could ask for.  We have been truly blessed.  Thank you to all who have touched my life this year.  I look forward to seeing what next year brings :)

I did not get much stitching done this week, but I am going to try and make up for it this weekend.  With a few days off, I am hoping.  Here is a progress pic of the lion from stitching today.  

I am hoping to have this one at the framers early next week :)

Enjoy the rest of your Holiday weekend.  PS, anyone getting up early to go to Box Mart?!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

O Birdy, Tylers Lion and a Gift

The time is flying Ladies and Gentleman.  Thanksgiving is almost here already and I think there are less then 40 days till Christmas?!  Amazing the amount of stitching that has not occurred this year.  Sad, I know, but there are a few positive things that happen in a case like mine. 

When you get together with some of your best buds, miracles do happen and stitching must get done right?!  Starting 2 very cool projects last week, not just 2 started, but several others kitted up and on the starting line up ready for the green light to fly down the fast track. 

Several of my favorite designers have continued to put out such super cute patterns, it is hard sometimes as I often say, to choose which ones to really sit and stitch on.  Right?!  I mean lets get down to brass tacs here.  We all, have every intention of stitching everything in our stash, because we are going to live at least 10 life times to get what we own now in our stash stitched, but in the 10 lifetimes that we do live, there are going to be like a billion new patterns we are going to want to stitch.  So clearly there is a tiny problem on ALL of our hands.

There are a few, rare and in between days that I think, do I really want to stitch this?  The rare answer is 'no'.  So I have to have it.  But, in all seriousness, (especially the rate I am stitching these days) am I going to get much of this stash tackled?  Now, not that I am going to even come close to putting the kabash on the stash enhancing, but perhaps, like at the beginning of this post, gathering up some of your best buds and really getting down to the nitty gritty of stitching, things might actually get accomplished.

So, without much further babbling, first up is Harry Tyler's Lion from Heartstring Samplery, stitching on 40ct Vintage Lentil with SNC thread- Blackened Grass maybe?  Either way, it is not the 'called for' items.  (Yes my friend, Of course I did :)). 

I have to laugh, this La D Da 'O Birdy' choice was such a fabulous impulse, and so much crazy laughing, and fluttering around,  that I will always have memories with this piece.  A few more then others.  Every piece has something special along with it right?  I can-- tell you that every piece that I have stitched, I can honestly tell you some of the best things about that time, but, good luck with that :) 

O'Birdy is finished, and stitched on 40ct Vintage Autumn Gold with some of the finest new silk threads one can stitch with.  You have done it again Ann, and we all THANK YOU for it!!!!!  Florimell silk hand-dyed threads are simply fabulous.  The colors are outstanding and it glides through the Linen with such ease.  Beware, with this thread and a certain type of speedy stitchers, we might find more progress!!!!!  LOL.

I chose to stitch my red bird in Florimell Antique Black, and the subtle color change is exquisite.  The variety in the greens is fabulous and the gold so rich.  I highly recommend trying this silk for sure, even if you try it in just 1 color, I can promise you, you will soon have a variety.  (And if you have enough patience, some might just fall into your lap.)

I finished stitching my bird last Friday, in the car, while thinking about the great times that came with this now priceless piece.  Thank you all involved!

Last but not least, my Husband surprised me with this DOVO sewing scissor case, in burgundy leather with threads, needle threader and a classic pair of DOVO gold scissors.  The best in the world.  This piece is such a great addition to my scissor collection and it is so small!  Less the 4" long the entire case.  I am so thrilled with this gift, I had to share it with all of you.  How thoughtful is he?  Adding to my scissor collection.  He truly is a keeper :)