Saturday, April 17, 2010

April Shower

My sister is getting married in 4 short weeks from now, and last weekend we had a surprise shower for her.  The plot thickens and the webs we wove, were very tangled, but we managed to surprise her!!  How fun, to see her so excited and so gracious, that 28 ladies came to the house for her.  We had planned this date months ago, and chose brown and soft pink for our theme. So beautifully it came together, and such a nice time we had.  We played 4 fun games, and to my surprise, everyone participated.  Everyone even wore blindfolds for 1 of them games!!!

So many beautiful things she got, my mother cross stitched my sister 12 'bride tree' ornaments, and finished them all off beautifully in duchess silk satin.  The colors are so rich.  My grandmother made her a tablecloth with about 10 Billion Lazy Dazy stitches.
We all commented on how we never want to stitch 1 of those, let alone enough for a long rectangular table in my sisters dining room.  The colors match perfectly to the dishes my sister chose, and she was thrilled of course.  Hand made gifts are always so very special, especially when you appreciate all the work that goes into them :).

I spent the night before baking into the early morning, these fabulous cupcakes, icing them and toping them off with sprinkles.   I found these bride and groom toppers for them, and it was just perfect.  I did add my personnel touch to the party, I bought tombstone cookie cutters and thought how perfect would this be for the bridal shower.........

Around 1:00am on Saturday morning I iced the cookies with white chocolate and at 10:35am, 20 minutes before guests starting arriving I added the final touch; 'til death parts.  I thought they were just perfect, I believe there were about 2 dozen made.  They were a hit for sure.  My sister thought the party was fabulous, the food, the gifts and the fellowship.  A perfect way to spend a Saturday with the ladies that love you.