Monday, September 30, 2013

Weep Not

I could hardly wait to get the iron out this morning to share with all of you one of my latest favorite finishes.  Although finished this past Friday, things took up my time that took priority then posting to the blog.  So, here is Weep Not from Notforgotten Farm
I couldnt be more pleased with this little finish!!!  Changing the DMC to Weeks Dye Works and Gentle Arts and using 40ct Vintage Cedar Plank from Lakeside, this gem is a winner!
WOW!!!!  I LOVE this!!!  Isn't it fabulous????
I changed the way the eyes were done on the poor lost sister and changed up the dress colors a bit.  Using the over-dyed threads really makes it pop--if it can for this subject.  As you can see there is some 'flow' to the lost sister's dress, to me its more of a draped feel.  I changed the hair color and well, just about changed everything!  LOL.  I used the colors as a guide and really went all out with the adjustments.  So, no, there can be no conversion list to give simply because I couldn't duplicate it myself :)
I found these awesome antique bobbins at an antique store this summer and thought they were the perfect addition to all things black that I collect :)  I love going to those kind of shops however the sewing supplies are usually very limited.  When you do find them, it is always fun to look.
Almost October already.  The weather for most of you has started to change, getting cooler, and the leaves are changing.  I love the change in the leaves, the vibrant reds, golds and oranges are just amazing.  Fall is a great time of year!! 
Its also a great stitching time :)  Heck, isn't anytime great for stitching??!!!  Lol.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Poor Jack

This weekend was a busy one-- of course how many weekends arent?  Fun was had all around and I finished up Poor Jack on Saturday night!
 Finished on 40ct BOF Sparrow with cottons :)  Cross it off the list!!!!  Another WIP done under the belt.  Get er done!!!!!!  LOL.
Next I picked up Weep Not from Notforgotten Farm.  Like I mentioned in earlier posts, I changed the DMC to WDW and GA threads for more of a murky, drab feel.  After all, this topic is not supposed to be bright and cheery!!!!!! I chose Lakeside Linen Vintage Cedar Plank-- Which BTW is one of my new top favorite colors!!!!  On 40ct this piece is stinkin cute.  I'm looking forward to finishing this one this week also.
Who knows what will be after this!!  So many WIP options.  Stay tuned until next time.
Can you believe it is fall already?  A friend of mine told me a couple days ago that Christmas is only 3 months away.  WOWZA~!!  I cant believe where this year has gone.  Time to step into high gear!!  LOL
I hope all of you have a great week :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

WIP it out already!

One thing that alot of us have a hard time with is WIPs.  I know there are some very disciplined stitchers out there who work on only 1-3 at a time but that is not my case.  I used to be that way and over the years have picked up some bad habits!!  LOL.  I LOVE to start projects, but I also LOVE to finish them.  I love bringing them to the framer and enjoying the fruits of my labor.  I decided that my list of WIPs was really out of control, well its beyond out of control and that a few of them I have going I havent even put on the list because I thought I could get them done faster.  Obviously we all know how that goes also :(.   Not like I haven't done anything the last couple of weeks-- finishing  up the quilt top shown last week;  I also stitched up a model for the LNS of  With Thy Needle and Thread Ltd edition kit from St Charles 2013.  I chose a great Lakeside Linen and used the called for WDW colors. 
I am going to make some adjustments for my own Ltd sampler-- of course revisions are always fun-- different count linen and change some of the colors.  But I am not ready to stitch it again just yet.
I wanted to get a few things out of the way as I mentioned earlier.  First up is a finish of the new BBD LF series Wild Berries.  I finished this up yesterday morning.  I added the date 1928 for the birth year of my fathers mother.  I think personalizing each one is a great idea, makes you think about which one will fit for each person.  Since there are 12 in the series, there is amble designs for all of my family :)
I used 40ct Vintage Pecan Butter Lakeside and weighed stitching it in silk but since it is such a small project, the idea of changing it to silk made me tired.  There are 13 colors in this little guy!!!!!!  No thanks, I chose again to use the called for cottons.  For little designs going forward,  I am going to weigh my options before I choose the silks.  I have made the decision already to stitch the BBD LF series in cottons.  I know already I will stick to silks for the Hollyberry Farm series.  I know I am just rambling now, but I am kind of over it.  HA!!!  I know I know.  I am not going to give up my silk snob status, but for every 20+ silk projects, a cotton one wont kill me :), just makes me twitch a bit!!!  HA HA!!!!!! Joking :) 
Next up is a project started a bit ago and I want put it to bed also.  These projects laying all over the place next to my stitching chair are starting to really get to me. 

This one is called Poor Jack from Birds of a Feather.  Totally OOP, but a classic and a staple for the Halloween collection.  I have wanted to stitch this forever, and I have finally gotten my wish.  Thank you very much :)  Using mostly the called for colors, I did add a color for his pants and using BOF Sparrow Linen I can hardly stand it.  I just LOVE IT.  The colors almost glow they are soo bright.  The center of the design stitched up in 2 days, however the border is taking forever, clearly, it isn't done yet.  Maybe I need to either start stitching earlier in the night, or stay up later to make some serious progress, or quit my job...... the last isn't going to happen!  I only finished 5 1/2 squares last night.  Bummer!  But by the end of the week hopefully. 
Next up after this in the pile I don't know, but I will keep you all posted shortly :)
Hope everyone is have a great week so far!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Being productive

My last post on August 20th I mentioned that I would share Peace House by La D Da with you and well, I completely forgot!
Here it is,
Sorry for the wonky picture!  I used the called for WDW colors along with 40ct Pecan Butter from Lakeside.  It was a fast and relaxing stitch.
The time continues to fly by but almost 2 weeks ago my friend and I went to one of the best quilt shops in town and decided to do a quilt together.  Great idea!  She suggested we each pick out the needed charm pack and build our quilt from there.  OK!  Off we went to select our favorite colors and this is what I came up with
We settled on this pattern and I chose Blackbird Designs Field Notes.  This is my 4th quilt and I am not always sure what the terms are.  Like what is sashing?  LOL.   It was great fun to pick and choose and walk around the shop looking around for the perfect charm pack.  I felt the hunt was on!!  In record speed we both came up with gorgeous fabrics and I am looking forward to seeing her progress soon.  I couldnt wait however I wanted to start right away, but I had a few other priorities to get out of the way first.  I was so eager to start it!!!!!
After coming home and showing my husband what I had chose, we both agreed this quilt would be perfect for our bed.  But, with only 1 charm pack, it would be too small.  So darn it, we had to go back to the quilt shop!!!  With record speed, I went back Friday morning.  This past week Tuesday, I cut the sashing, squares and sewed them together. Wednesday the strips were sewn together and I realized even with the 2nd charm pack, I was still short 9 squares to make the size I wanted.  So, I went stash diving and chose another pattern that worked perfectly and ta-da!  Friday I sewed all the strips together and now I had 1 piece to move around instead of all the rows, numbered and organized.  I added the 1 inch border on Saturday afternoon and this past Monday night, added the final floral border.
I am so excited with the way it turned out, and I am interested in adding another border just to make it a tad bigger to drape more on the bed, but I have to choose the color.  Perhaps the same as the 1 inch, the grey color.  We shall see!  As for now, it is folded and ready to go to the quilter.  I have even chosen the backing already.
Whats next?!
I started working on Notforgotten Farm Weep Not.  I love these 3 Lori came out with and they are all a must-- but I had to make some adjustments from DMC.  I think the colors needed to be more murky and dirty and drab for the content of the piece, after all she is in a coffin!!!!!!  LOL.  I chose some awesome WDW threads and a lakeside linen.  I have the top floral done and I have to take a picture for you all to see how fantastic it is!!!
Until next time,

Happy Stitching!!