Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Antiques part 1

For the last few days my Husband and I have been going to Antique Shops.  I really enjoy going to these places--so many things to look at!  The hunt is always on.  Booth to booth, what is going to be waiting patiently for you to see?!   We went to 2 different ones in 2 days, one was 50,000 square with 450 vendors, the other was 110,000 with over 650 vendors.  It was 2 solid days of looking and buying.  I didnt realize how hungry you get at these places-- its not like you are doing heavy labor, just looking right?  Walking around and checking it all out slowly, to make sure you dont miss anything is tough :).  We are both hunting for different things, but we keep an eye out for what each other likes just in case. 

Some of the 'malls' we went to were incredible.  Others are like flea markets, crap just everywhere and piled all over.  Everyone has a different taste of how they like to shop for antiques, I prefer the more boutique style, everything set up relatively nice and better quality of goods.  Of course, the better quality of goods, comes with a better quality price tag too.  But, you get what you pay for and to me it is worth it.

The first item that I have on top, is a 3 dimensional box- approximate size 11 x 14 x 3.  The color grabbed my eye and I went to look at it closer, and realized that the 'picture' is a lid and opens up to a great spot to store my new goodies that I have been collecting.  I think it is fabulous and check the price.  Well, she is coming home with me :).  I am thrilled.  The gentleman explained it was from the 50's, I can only take his word for it, not knowing much about antiques.  I shop for what I like, and what I can afford, and think to my it worth what they are asking-- (in my opinion).

Up next is a tiny JP Coats mending kit.  9 out of the 10 tiny spools are included and the box is in Mint condition.  I think the spools are so cute, and the colors are perfect.  Looks like the 9 spools are un-used too. The day before I bought the pin cube, I saw one in perfect condition-with all 100 pins and they wanted over $150 bucks for it.  Nope.  Not for me.  I found this little guy, missing all but 2 pins and not so good condition, but good enough for me.  Sold!

So many other things I have been collecting, starting new collections, adding to ones I already have.  Thank goodness my Husband is just as excited to go to these places as me.  Otherwise, I would be in trouble :)

I have been stitching on a small homework assignment, 1 of 2 parts from the 'Thank you Sarah Tobias' book from BBD.  1 of 2 pincushions to be stitched and I have stitched the first part.  Just have to finish my name.  I will start the next one hopefully soon, such a cute piece. Using 40ct Vintage Woodsmoke Lakeside Linens with Limited Edition Silk n Color thread-- Caravan Road.   There are great designs in this book and if you dont own it already, it is a must have in your stash.  Not much on the stitching front, I wanted to work on something easy that I could do much faster then usual. 

Antiquing cuts into stitching time, but it is worth every minute.  Now, what about those Oil Cans......

Monday, June 21, 2010

Paradise Lost

So as you can see, I have finished Paradise Lost by Plum Street Samplers.   I am thrilled to have my 2nd piece of the year done and under my belt.  I started this last Fall with a bunch of other stitchers, and have had a blast stitching it with them in a un-official SAL.  This weekend I brought my project with me to TX for a wedding.  Flying time--plenty to get it done.  Stitching on the way fast and furious, also on the way home.  Since flying in for the wedding on Friday afternoon, and festivities starting almost immediately, I only had time to stitch on the plane.  No complaints, although for the first time in my life I wished the flight home was a bit longer, taking advantage of the flowing wine in the first class cabin, I wasnt able to complete it.  I had the heading already in my mind "Paradise Lost is First Class". 

It was a family wedding, and it was just great to see everyone again.  Since it has only been a month, or should I say already since my Sister has tied the knot......Seeing the relatives again was a blast.  I am always ready to get all dolled up for a party.  I made sure to have PL with me--- the end was near. 

Tonight I have completed the PL sampler-- What is officially next, we shall see.  Stitching this beauty on 45ct Vintage Sand Dune from Lakeside with the called for NPI and Gloriana silks, dont you just love the silks???!!!!!! My sampler measures 17.25" long x 7.5" high; an amazing difference in size from the model of 23.25" x 10.5" on 36ct.  I already have the frame picked out, this summer I will have to bring it away. 

What is next?  Well, I have shown my sister what I am going to stitch for her and her new Husband (yes, I did start it!!!!!), so that is next for sure.....but what is next after that?!!  I have a few ideas and I am sure a few more will be thought of in only a matter of weeks.  Projects planned again with friends. 

I am headed into another great summer of fabulous friends, fun and so much laughter, your sides and cheeks hurt for days.  I cant wait to see you guys.  Thanks to everyone for all your encouragement and kind words over the last few and far between posts.

Final question and thought, for the gals stitching this sampler with me--- How are all of you doing on it?!!!!  Finishing this piece makes me thirsty :)