Sunday, October 25, 2009

WIP & More Floss Organizing



More Floss Organizing

I have to first say a BIG, HUGE Thanks to all who left comments on my Mermaid finish! I am thrilled I got 20 comments!!!! 20!!! It is the most I have received so far with my blog and I cant be happier. How exciting it is to be inspired and enabled by others. Whoo Hoo!

In fact, so inspired by reading several other blogs about WIP's. There is such a variety of WIP's out there, that I really was curious on how many I had going. I was all ready to start the next project, and thought, let me take a fast look and see what is really going on in this stash closet. Well, including some serious BAP's, I have a total of 8 WIP's. Which is not bad, but I like finishing things too!!! Checking all the ones in question out, which one would I really like to get done and put to bed. Well, you guessed it. Mary. Not that this would have really been my first choice, I would much rather have started another new project! Right? With all these great new designs out there from so many fabulous designers, who wouldnt want to start something new--raise your hand.

I dont see to many hands raised! LOL. I have posted a picture of where I left Mary, and up to the squirrel, was done before-- it seems like forever since I have worked on her. The top 3 sections are complete, and I am trying to complete a section before going onto another, but I am not sure that will continue. Working the right side, I think I might just keep going to the bottom right and work left. Who knows. All I know is that she needs to get done. This will be my 3rd Quaker complete this year, and I am ready for something new.

Another reason I am very excited, is that my floss ring of WDW from the Mermaid, is no longer sitting on the couch, it is put away in its place in my floss organizer. YEAH!!!! This is fabulous!! No more random floss bags floating around. They all just clipped right back into place. (For more information on this TERRIFIC SYSTEM, please check my blog archives on the right hand column) I also finished organizing my Needlepoint Silk. All numerical and ready for use. Both Cotton and Silk done. Check!

Off to another great week of stitching! Hope all of you had a great weekend. I know I sure did!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mermaid and the Sea Finished!

I am so excited to share my Mermaid and the Sea with you all today!! Last night I really wanted to get her done, we watched 2 Cary Grant movies- 'My Favorite Wife' and 'Monkey Business'. I am crazy about classic movies, and even more crazy about Cary Grant!!!!! I was stitching so fast, but couldnt finish, so today I finished up the seaweed around 'King Triton' and pressed it up. I love all the movement and flow. So much to look at!!

Started on October 5, 2009, still taking time off in Vegas, completed today the 21st of October. I cant wait to show you all what is next!!!! Have a great day!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

More Mermaid and the Sea

Back to the real swing of things, and some progress on my Mermaid. Had a blast in Vegas of course, who doesnt? I am happy to be stitching again, it is something I missed for sure. I am anxious to start a new project. Not sure which one, I have a few new ones that are yelling from the side of the couch. All this inspiration from all of our fellow bloggers isnt making the decision easy!! So many beautiful projects from all over the world, one thing I know for sure, is that we all like the same thing--- STITCHING!!!!

I have done some stash diving on this fabric, a few have asked about it, and the Mermaid is being stitched on R & R Reproduction 40ct Linen called 'Lucky Penny Blend'. I found another project that I had in mind for this fabric, and then changed my mind. It is perfect for this project. The closest color I could compare it to (while going through the stash,) is Lakeside Linen Vintage Tundra, it is a tad brighter....if that helps. Using the called for Weeks Dye Works threads, it would have very difficult to switch to silks, and get the great color variation that I have now.

Hope everyone is looking forward to a great weekend!

Monday, October 12, 2009

What Happens in Vegas.....

Stays in Vegas. I haven't done much stitching in the last few days, being in one of my favorite spots has me distracted! The Bellagio Hotel is one of the most beautiful places to stay. I could watch these 'dancing' fountains all day, and all night long. It is very romantic!

My Mermaid and the Sea, has some progress but not for a few days. Maybe next week :).

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Eliza Pennance

I finished Eliza today. I started her back on August 25, and for numerous reasons, put her aside. I am not used to over 1, let alone over 1 on 40ct. Not to be discouraged, I moved on. To show her size, I have added the Quarter- she is 2 3/4" x 2.5". So small! Using the called for NPI with Vintage Autumn Gold Lakeside Linen.

I will need my head examined afterall, I just got Sarah Woodham today, and I am in for alot of over 1 on 40ct!! Its all about the outcome right? So yes, there will be more over 1 on 40ct will be in my future.

PS Dad, that is my quarter- you cant have it! LOL

Monday, October 5, 2009

Inspiration for New Project

The 'Star of India' is a 3 masted bark, the oldest iron hulled merchant ship afloat. Built on the Isle of Man, Great Britain, and launched in 1863. Very impressive!! Tremendous wood detail on deck. Made me want a boat-- perhaps to sail around the world. Nah, not really my thing :).

What could be next to stitch? Pulling out all the projects, looking for something colorful to work on, switch it up a bit. Ah yes, The Mermaid and the Sea from Examplars from the Heart. Perfect!!! Lots of color, but not to big. I found the perfect shade of silver/blue/beige combo from R & R for the linen (40ct) and using the called for Weeks Dye Works threads. Boy can I tell the difference stitching with cotton!! LOL, stitching the last many projects in silk will do it to you I guess. The colors are just beautiful, and I love it on the linen. Very pleased so far with the progress.

Thank you to all those who commented on Beatrix Potter. It is great to share with all of you, and getting feedback is always so much fun! Hope all of you had a great weekend, and got LOTS of stitching done :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler Complete

Around 6 1/2 weeks this little gem took to start and finish. I am thrilled to be at this stage, looking at her on linen, instead of the infamous pattern! What a process this has been from my post yesterday. I immediately sat down and started stitching the last of the motifs, and finally after a few tube shows and movies, she was finished!!!! The last picture is so funny-- many of you have said the needles have been on fire! Just about, but at almost 11:30pm I had a serious situation at hand. My needle was bent so bad, I couldnt believe I had not noticed earlier!!!! I went so fast, looking for another speedy stitcher (Bohin #28) so I could continue!!

She is DONE!!!! Yeah!!!! Stitching her on 40ct Porcelain Lakeside Linen with Coffee Bean Gloriana Silk 1 over 2; Just a HINT of Belle Soie Pink Quartz, so delicate, so beautiful!! I can hardly stand it!!! I cant wait to show her off to all of you. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

What a difference a week can make

Last week

This Week

Whats left yet

When posting last week Wednesday the 23rd of Sept, I was determined to get Beatrix done before the end of the month. Here is is Oct. 1. The week has been fun and busy, but I did not make my goal :(. Almost though. I was very excited to share my progress with all of you, so here she is! The top pic is last weeks, then the 2nd is whats new this week, and the 3rd is the space where a few motifs yet to be stitched. I have to finish the swan, then 1 other full one, the 1 tiny one, and 3 half motifs to finish the border. Today is the day!